3D Drawing

Publication date: 28th September 2021

Soft cover, 209 x 209 mm, 34 pages, 18 Colour illustrations: ISBN 978-1-9993285-3-5

Published as a catalogue of an exhibition curated by Phillip Lindley at the Martin Hall exhibition space at Loughborough University in September/October 2021.

Cover image

Digital viewing is no substitute for looking at actual drawings in person (except if the work is ‘born digital’). This show celebrates the end of lockdowns and provides an opportunity to scrutinise the work of a dozen artists all of whom are concerned in some way with three-dimensionality in their drawings.  The eighteen pieces on show include two superb drawings by a Turner Prize winner, Richard Deacon RA, one by a Turner Prize nominee, Fiona Banner RA, one by David Nash RA and others by celebrated artists including Amikam Toren, Jacqueline Donachie and Stuart Taylor. No fewer than six of the distinguished artists represented here also teach at Loughborough University: Nick Aikman, John Atkin, Deborah Harty, Eleanor Morgan, Craig Richardson and Michael Shaw.

Only four of the artists would probably describe themselves as ‘sculptors’ but all these abstract and conceptual drawings explore ‘sculptural’ concerns.  Fittingly, the show celebrates the 2021 founding of the Sculpture Research Group at Loughborough, a world-class concentration of scholars and practitioners.

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